Our Story

The brand, Stealth Surfcraft, is synonymous with Surf Life Saving in Australia. With many years as one of the leading Surf Ski manufacturers, the Stealth brand is now lead by Steve Stoton who specialises in repairs for all types of surfcraft.

Steve Stoton started working for Ian (Lats) Rowling back in 2009. As Lats’ Stepson, he initially just helped out whilst Lats was recovering from his brain tumour. This then developed into Steve completing his boat building apprenticeship in 2014.

Steve was responsible for building all Stealth skis between 2014 and 2018 when Lats took early retirement and closed Stealth surfcraft.

Steve then started working for Mark Kennedy at Zulu and was responsible for building both Slipstream and Gibbons skis as well as single outriggers. When Covid hit and Steve could no longer travel over the border, he again moved employers to work for Scott Wheeler and was again in charge of building both single and double DD3 Ski’s.

Steve has now decided to go out on his own, and working alongside his stepdad Ian “Lats” Rowling, he is operating under Stealth Composite Repairs. The work will maintain the high standard always set by Stealth Surfcraft and will be scrutinised before leaving the workshop to ensure the highest quality workmanship in both integrity of the repair and also aesthetic.

Ian and Steve make the perfect team.  Experience coupled with youth, enthusiasm and a willingness to deliver quality work.  Lats continues to take a consulting role allowing Steve to take the business forward whilst protecting the exceptional brand reputation that Stealth has maintained for over 30 years.

Steve is experienced working with epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester resins.  He works with carbon, carbon/kevlar and fibreglass, both woven and mat.

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